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Are you one of the 500?


We are asking God for 500 special partners to make a faith promise to sow $100 a month for 24 months.


This will enable us to pay this facility off in 2 years and we believe that God will do it! 


Will you be one of the 500 that will partner with us to make this vision a reality? 


100 fold is the highest level of harvest that Jesus mentions in the Bible and we believe that those who partner with this vision will experience this 100 fold blessing in their lives, businesses, and families.

We ask that you fill out the form below to commit to being one of the 500.

This is a requirement of the lenders and will help Favor Life Church secure the loan needed to move to our next season.

Moving To Next Partnership Form
Chose an ammount you want to vow to.

Thanks for making this vision possible!

WHY YOU Need TO...

We have an incredible opportunity here at Favor Life Church to be a beacon of light to the city of Hickory on an even greater level.  


This brand new location will be visible to over 50,000 cars per day. The expanded facilities will provide a world-class experience for our children's ministry and so much more...


It is our vision to enlighten the minds of people to understand they do not have to remain a victim of their past but can experience freedom through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 


We believe that the Gospel message is one of restoration, recovery, and Kingdom Citizenship which empowers us to walk in authority, prosperity, and increase.