Pastor Appreciation

November 17th, 2019 is dedicated to express to Bishop Jerry and Pastor Maryann Grillo our appreciation for their lives and ministry.


Bishop and Pastor have been faithful stewards of this house and the vision that God placed in their hearts for 25 years. The word of God teaches us “…to show your appreciation for those leaders who work among you and instruct you.” I Thessalonians 5:12 GW


This year, we are asking each family to write a personal note to Bishop and Pastor to let them know how their ministry has impacted your life.  There will also be an opportunity for us to sow a Seed of Honor into Bishop and Pastor. We are asking every family to prayerfully consider sowing a $100 seed.


Our appreciation service is always a fun and special day. Make plans now to be at Favor Life Church! You can sow your $100 seed- or very best seed- as you are able. Just click below on Seed of $100 to sow your Seed of Honor or click on Sow a Seed to sow any amount. 

A Special Note To Bishop & Pastor


Sunday Service: 11am

Wednesday Recharge: 7pm 

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