31 Favored Decisions

31 Favored Decisions


If you could go back in time, how many decisions would you change?  


You are making decisions every day even if you are unaware of them. Sometimes, the smallest decisions can change the trajectory of your life. Successful people understand that making swift, resolute decisions is an important key. Wherever you are in life, is a result of the decisions you have made. 


In Dr. Grillo’s book, 31 Favored Decisions, he will help you unlock keys that are necessary to make informed, Kingdom-focused decisions that will benefit your life.

He aims to lift your mind and expands your understanding. With every decision, the need for wisdom increases and in turn will positively impact your life.  


“If one bad decision can take you into a bad place, then one right decision can get you out!”


No matter where you are or what you are facing, you must decide to move forward. You can learn to make better decisions - no matter how difficult - to take you into the future God has destined for you!  Take the information written within the pages of this book and apply it to your life.