31 Favored Quotes

31 Favored Quotes


One of my favorite things to do when I am at an airport is shop in the bookstores. I always seem to find the best leadership books there. Often, these types of books will have quotes and one-liners. Many times a good quote has motivated or inspired me to take action. I love to read one-liners. It doesn’t take many words – just powerful ones – to captivate and challenge us. Through the years I have collected quotes that I love to read over and over again.  So I decided to put some of those quotes and my thoughts about them into a little handbook as a quick resource for you.      


  • Words are Powerful      
  • Words Motivate Us      
  • Wrong Words can Destroy Us      
  • Right Words can Heal Us      
  • Words Create Atmosphere


The key to real success is to decide to become a ninety percent learner and a ten percent teacher. It is my will and desire that these “31 Favored Quotes,” move you, motivate you and inspire you to success.


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