40 Keys To Financial Favor

40 Keys To Financial Favor


MONEY IS NOT AN OPTION! MONEY IS A NECESSITY! Many have failed to succeed simply because they ran out of finances. Your vision will require money. Whether you are starting a business, building a structure or desire to advance the Kingdom of God, you must possess or have access to finances. There are some who believe money is evil and assume that money will send you to Hell. If this were true why hasn’t Satan overdosed you with money yet? The truth is money isn’t evil; it’s what men do with money that makes it evil. God desires to favor your finances and bring increase into your life, but many will never obtain all that God has destined for them until they understand God’s principles. Dr. Grillo unlocks those principles in his book, Forty Facts about Financial Favor. Make use of this book at your daily devotion, teach these principles to your children and those who are under your leadership.


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