7 Strategic Prayers To Pray Over Your Pastor

7 Strategic Prayers To Pray Over Your Pastor


 7 Strategic Prayers You Should Pray Over Your Pastor…


The Kingdom of God is experiencing the greatest attack as we quickly head into these final days.  Psalm 1:11 says, “What can the righteous do, if the foundation be thou destroyed…”      


The set position in the church has been under great spiritual attack. Men and women of God have suffered great oppression.  


Satan is hitting the church and its leaders, while those sitting in the pew continue to allow religious imprintings and emotional wounds to keep them blind to the spiritual battle that their man or woman of God is engaged in.  


It is time for the sheep to stand in agreement with their Shepherd and declare that WE ARE IN IT TO WIN IT! WHAT YOU ARE CONNECTED TO YOU WILL EVENTUALLY BECOME!  


Written within the pages of this book are the prayers that I believe every person connected to a local body of believers should be praying over their pastor’s life.


I challenge you to read this book and pray each of these prayers over your man and woman of God every day!  Agreement unlocks the oil.