Are You Earning A Living or Designing A Life

Are You Earning A Living or Designing A Life


The average American person works forty hours a week, punching a clock to live a lifestyle determined by what someone told them their time was worth!

People give the best hours of their day with the mere ambition of getting a paycheck. EARNING A LIVING INSTEAD OF DESIGNING A LIFE...

What would you do if money was not an issue? Where would you go? Who would you bless?

Are you giving the best of your day earning a living? What if you could give that time with your spouse and kids... or pursuing the dream you have always had echoing in your heart!?

God didn’t put you on the earth to make a living...He put you here to Design A Life!

If you have been living life to simply maintain status quo and are ready for more, this series is for you. Dr. Jerry Grillo will help you discover how amazing your life was meant to be; imagine the possibilities of a future you create, and a life you have always wanted to live.