Characteristics Of A GIANT KILLER

Characteristics Of A GIANT KILLER


Characteristics Of A GIANT KILLER

When God favors your assignment; The enemy will awaken your Goliath!Your Anointing, Success and Assignment will always attract your enemy.

Favor and Failure walk hand in hand. Favor reveals your future while Failure reveals your present!

It is important how you handle yourself in times of testing. Your reaction to the test will decide whether your future will be favored or your present will be failure. The battle out of your present season, is decided on how you act in your present crisis. Your reactions are being monitored!

What you do in private will be challenged in public. God groomed David years before he had to face his giant. The truth is that all of us will have to face, fight, and overcome the giants that are opposing our success.

God uses tests and trials to develop our character so we can defeat our future giants.

In this powerful teaching you will learn to unlock the necessary characteristics on how to face, fight, and win over you