Daddy God

Daddy God


It’s Time To Claim Your Birthright! Do you know exactly who you are? Do you suffer from a lack of Self Identity? The curse of illegitimacy is prevalent in the world today. Satan is attempting to steal a whole generation by destroying their sense of belonging and purpose. We live in an age where value and identity are derived from vile and immoral things. The average church member doesn’t stay in a church or stay connected for more than five years. Asking people to be committed has become politically incorrect. People are more offended over the truth than they are over a lie. There’s a generation walking our streets, living in our neighborhoods and attending our meetings who have no father or have any idea what a father is really like. When we say “God is a Father” they cannot relate. Their wound with their father keeps them from connecting to their heavenly father. Jesus came to reveal the Father! Dr. Grillo’s Book, Daddy God will give you a clear understanding of who you are


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