Don’t Let Your Situation Define You

Don’t Let Your Situation Define You


Don’t Let your Situation Define You…
There’s not a person alive who hasn’t been in a crisis. You’re either in a crisis, coming out of a crisis, or about to enter a crisis. The one true fact about life is that you are going to experience some kind of battle, situation or calamity! Your reaction will be the dividing factor between overcoming your situation or your situation overcoming you.
“Crisis Reveals You.”
In every situation, God will give you a revelation on what to do, how to respond and how to win!
I’ve had an experience that happened to me, that was almost mind blowing. My daughter was in the hospital while I was out of town speaking. I received news that she wasn’t doing well. She actually stopped breathing and was sitting at death’s door. I’m in Texas; She’s in North Carolina. My first reaction was panic, fear and worry. My first decision was to abandon my assignment and head straight to the airport. All of a sudden the Holy Spirit said to me; “STOP!” At that moment I froze


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