Elevate or Stagnate

Elevate or Stagnate


“Are you elevated in your life or have you become stagnated?
Many are not living life…but enduring it. The majority of people sitting in church aren’t experiencing the life Jesus died for. At best, most people are just existing... not living.
Have you bought into Satan’s greatest lie? The lie that you have to earn a living instead of design a life!
A stagnated life will keep you bound to the swamp dead stench of merely existing…
AN ELEVATED LIFE WILL TAKE YOU TO THE HEIGHTS OF LIVING WHERE YOU CAN SEE THE BEAUTY OF YOUR DAY AND YOUR FUTURE. You can see the valleys and hills that are decorated with the flowers of prosperity and peace.
This series will propel you into the highest level of thinking. Where you can live life in God’s full plan and not buy into Adam’s nightmare.
It’s your time, and NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!


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