Excellence "The Moral Fiber To Greatness"

Excellence "The Moral Fiber To Greatness"


Excellence ...Is the Moral Fiber of Greatness

Excellence means to excel in an area of life.
Excellence is being willing to move above mediocrity..
The enemy to excellence is average.

Everyone has an hour...a moment in time where they are in the spotlight for God. The question is, “Will you shine?”

Most People want to be great, yet are unwilling to do what it takes to get there. Excellence is not having the best, but being the best at what you have. The progress in life is in direct proportion to your persistent pursuit to excellence.

Why should God give you better if you can’t take care of what you already have?

In this 5 CD series, Dr. Grillo reveals five steps to possessing an excellent spirit. You will never experience greatness until you are walking in a spirit of excellence.