Exposing The Spirit Of Disloyalty

Exposing The Spirit Of Disloyalty


Disloyalty has become an epidemic in our churches, in our homes,
and in our businesses.

Fifty years ago you would hardly hear anyone talking
about or bad mouthing their leaders.

The Spirit of Disloyalty has found its way inside the walls of our churches; many sitting in the pews are secretly destroying the vision with their words and attitudes.

“Exposing the Spirit of Disloyalty” is a must have for every Bishop, Pastor, Lay Leader and those who are commited to advancing the Kingdom through their loyalty to a man of God and his vision.

You will discover the Stages of Disloyalty and why
Loyalty is the principle qualification.

Loyalty is a decision...not a feeling.
Loyalty is measured by time...

Time will either strengthen or weaken loyalty.
Loyalty precedes Honor and preserves Honor.

Don’t let this powerful teaching slip through your hands...prepare yourself to expose Disloyalty!