Faith and Fear Come From the Same Place

Faith and Fear Come From the Same Place


The greatest mystery in the Kingdom is faith. The greatest currency that unlocks Heaven’s resources is “FAITH.”

Why is it when I need to use my faith, fear is present?
Why is it that when faith is required fear is the first thing I feel?
Why is it that God only moves by my faith?
Can I move God with my need? Can I have faith and fear at the same time?

All of these questions will be answered in this CD series. You will know how to manipulate fear to work your FAITH once you discover that FAITH and FEAR come from the same place in your mind!

Fear exaggerates; so does Faith!
Fear increases focus; so does Faith!

If we don’t learn how to move through the mind and understand that Faith and Fear exist in the same place, we’re going to miss our faith because of our fears.

Fear is the proof that Faith is present!
The greater your faith the greater your fears!

This is going to change how you see fear. You’re going to use fear as a spring board to leap into the pool of GREAT FAITH!