"I AM" Faithful: The Faithfulness of God

"I AM" Faithful: The Faithfulness of God


No matter what you’ve been through in life, the one thing you can be assured of is that “I AM” will always be faithful to His Word!

I promise you have not picked this book up by accident. You are about to embark into a study on one of the greatest subjects in the word of God. The Faithfulness of God!

The word "Covenant" doesn't hold a lot of weight and meaning in our society today. People are quick to make promises, and just as quick to change their mind or opinion when emotions or situations change. This is not possible with God. He will always stay true to what He has said. Numbers 23:19 say’s it all, “God is not a man that He should lie…”

Because of man’s inability to be true to their words, we have written contracts and documentations in place. People can't be trusted to live up to what they have agreed to. I want you to be able to stake your life on God’s reputation. He’s never going to change His word.