Manage Your Measure

Manage Your Measure


“…God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith…” Romans 12:3
Are You Managing Your Measure? Are you effectively working that which God has already given to you?
Everything that you need has already been placed inside of you, but your actions could be keeping you locked in your present season.
The Bible speaks of four measures…
• Faith
• Judgment
• Hearing
• Giving

How we manage our measures decides the measure that will be given back to us.
It’s time to increase our measure from GOD!
God wants us to increase in every area of our lives but it’s our responsibility to unlock and activate the principles and laws from the word of God, that will determine the level of our increase.
Dr. Jerry Grillo’s 4 CD series will teach you how to manage the measure you have been given so that you can qualify for more!


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