More Than Restored! Turning Your Mess Into Your Message

More Than Restored! Turning Your Mess Into Your Message


Many people are in need of restoration. There’s not a person alive who hasn’t made bad decisions and reaped the consequence of loss.
The greatest act of salvation is the power of restoration through Jesus! When God restores, He doesn’t just put back what you’ve lost… He restores with more!
The power of the Gospel is Restoration. This is the hope for everyone who has lost something on their journey of life. Satan hates when believers begin to learn how to recover their loss. In Dr. Jerry Grillo’s newest book, “More Than Restored,” you will discover how to recover all losses.
Empty is Opportunity and Less Means More with God! This is supernatural; Satan is required to put back what he stole in your past.
It’s not just your time… IT’S YOUR TURN!
Prepare yourself… Don’t allow this powerful book to slip past you today. This is going to be the season for your greatest TURN-AROUND!
You are going to discover how the enemy’s attack has set you up for more! Dr. Gr


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