Predator or Partner

Predator or Partner


The Twenty First Century Church has been infiltrated with a deadly virus;
a plague that has so skillfully flooded the hearts of those professing to be children of God while simultaneously destroying the body of Christ.

Many have been infected by this highly contagious virus and do not even know it. These people come to church, lift their hands, cry during worship and even take notes while the pastor is preaching... but they have become Heaven’s Predator!


Do you find yourself constantly in disagreement with the man of God over you? Is your heart filled with strife and contention for those in authority? Do you feel the need to question every decision made by leadership? Are You under persuasion that your opinion must be heard? Are you unable to receive correction without being offended? Do you enjoy listening to complaints about the leadership?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you maybe Hell’s Partner and God’s Predator...