Restore The Roar

Restore The Roar


Are you tired and weary?

Have you somehow lost your joy on this journey of life?

Have you found yourself going through the motions?

Do you sometimes feel like church isn’t working for you?


The Lion of God has grown weary, tired and seems to have lost it’s most powerful weapon; it’s ROAR!  When a lion “roars” the jungle freezes.”  I heard a Prophet prophecy that they saw the lion laying over North America. The lion looked tired and weary; its posture was as if it couldn’t even stand to roar. Then an eagle flew down.  As the eagle sat over the lion, the lion began to change its countenance and posture. The lion looked up with renewed strength and began to ROAR. As the lion roared the eagle took to flight. The eagle flew and landed in cities and churches dropping the seed of God’s word. Everywhere the eagle landed, trees of righteousness began to grow and a forest began to appear. 


The church is that lion. God is about to “RESTORE THE ROAR” in our churches.


Listen to these anointed messages on RESTORE THE ROAR! I promise, you will begin to lift up your voice and unlock your awaited harvest.