Saved But Damaged

Saved But Damaged


There are so many people sitting in our churches that are saved and still wounded. The wounds of their past have yet to be confronted… so many are living in a false reality.  


When we fail to face our pain, we tend to band aid and cover what needs to be exposed. Emotional wounds seem to be the order of the day in most churches. We can’t depend on these people to be good leaders because their wounds are always causing them to have wrong reactions.  


Saved but Damaged…Keys to Emotional Healing.  


Refusing to recognize the damage in your life will enslave you to the pain of your past. Many are living in a dream world of freedom when in realty they are enslaved to the memory of past wounds and pain. The willingness to recognize your wounds will accelerate the healing process.  

In Dr. Grillo’s book, SAVED BUT DAMAGED, he reveals the keys that are necessary to receive emotional healing and be completely delivered from the pains of your past. Your mess will become your message.  


God’s desire is for you to be made whole…ask the Holy Spirit to give you the courage to face whatever has wounded you so that you can enter into your next season. Don’t  let  this  book slip through your hands. This book is scheduled to release your potential and power.                                                                                                            Dr. Jerry A. Grillo, Jr.