The Secret to the Last Days is Kingdom


Many go to church! Some connect to a certain denomination or fellowship, but few understand and operate in the power of the Kingdom of God.


Jesus spoke more about the Kingdom than he did heaven, hell or sin. Jesus pointed people to the power of His Kingdom. So if Jesus spoke more about the Kingdom than he did salvation, heaven, hell or sin then why are we not hearing more about the Kingdom of God?

You will discover a world of power, joy and prosperity like you’ve never experienced before when you unlock the Kingdom of God in your life. This includes your marriage, your relationships, your business and your ministry. Luke 17:21 reveals to us where God hid the Kingdom, “… The Kingdom is within you…”


*   Where there is no kingdom there is no King.

*   Where there is no King there is no Power.

*   Where there is no Power there is no Authority.

*   Where there is no Authority the enemy will run unchecked in our world.


But there is a King… There is a Kingdom… There is Power in that Kingdom! We are citizens of that kingdom, and we have AUTHORITY!

Listen intently to all of Dr. Jerry Grillo’s teaching on, The Secret to the Last Days is Kingdom! God is calling us to expand the Kingdom for the glory of that King (Jesus) and for the influence of the Kingdom.


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