Turn Setbacks into Comebacks

Turn Setbacks into Comebacks




There’s not a person alive who hasn’t experienced some kind of setback, cutbacks and losses. Everyone experiences seasons of struggle…

You’re either in a crisis, coming out of a crisis or about to enter a crisis...


 •    The tribulation you’ve survived is the proof of your willingness to succeed.     

•    The warfare you are presently in is a clue to what you are being trained for.


I believe that we are living in a “Turn Around Season!”  


Wouldn’t you like to see a turn around? Can you see what you’re …Marriage … Children … Finances… Career … Health… would look like if they experienced a turn around? Change is necessary!  God wants to turn every setback into a comeback!     


•    Are you ready to experience promotion?     

•    Are you ready for a Turn Around?


Turn around doesn’t happen randomly… Order doesn’t happen randomly… Action will create change, Change Requires Action... Your Turn Around Season will require more than just faith. It will require your willingness to act, to respond, and to move in your faith.  


In Dr. Grillo’s Audio series, TURN SETBACKS INTO COMEBACKS, you will gather the necessary truths to unlock the door to your next season…


Your Seasons of crisis are about to turn into seasons of COMFORT…   Your Seasons of lack are about to turn into seasons of LAVISHNESS… Your Seasons of pain are about to turn into seasons of PROMOTION!