Warfares You Must Win

Warfares You Must Win


When it comes to life, there’s something’s you better learn swiftly. Life is not fair… Life is full of struggle… Life is a battlefield! If you desire a great life, PREPARE FOR WAR!
• Warfare is inevitable.
• Warfare will never leave your life.
• Warfare surrounds a life that is Favored.
• Faith attracts Warfare.
Anything uncontested will flourish! An enemy will eventually control those who are unwilling to confront an enemy.
Revive within you the power to Stand, Fight and Win.
In Dr. Jerry Grillo’s newest book, “Warfares You Must Win,” you are going to discover that you have more power within you to fight than you know. God is training up soldiers to fight for the army of Heaven. It’s time to take back our homes, our families, our schools, our churches and our nation! Your faith and confidence are going to increase as you read this manuscript. I believe that you are going to shout NO MORE! Satan, NO MORE! Don’t let this moment pass you.


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