What You Have Lost You Are About To Get Back

What You Have Lost You Are About To Get Back



Everyone on the earth will face the battles of life. There is an enemy around you daily but inside of you is the “faith that overcomes the enemy and the world.” Too many people have faced the battlegrounds of finances, relationships, beliefs and religions, education and more only to give up on life and all of its possibilities.

Failure is never final! God has commanded the thief to put back everything he has stolen from you seven fold.

God created you to enjoy your life, to walk through life as a journey. Get your notebook and begin to map out the battle plan to getting all that you have lost back, as Dr. Grillo uncovers the keys necessary to do so. You will discover biblical truths of how you can take your life to the next level.

By the time you are done with this five CD set you will be telling others around you, “What You Have Lost You’re About To Get Back.”