You Can’t Be In Authority

You Can’t Be In Authority


You Can’t Be In Authority Unless Your Are Under Authority

We as Christians need to realize that the church it’s organism as much as it’s an organization. The church is a body and in order for the body to function according to its purpose there need to be proper government.

In order to be in proper government we need to understand, that in order to have authority we need to first be under authority. The centurion in Matthew 8:9 understand this concept clearly he was in Authority over his solders but also was under authority from Caesar.

The power and authority that Jesus granted to the church will not materialize until we walk and setup kingdom government. Once the church learns how to set up proper authority then the Spirit of God will have freedom to move and the Gifts of the Spirit will move.

In Dr. Grillo’s message, you are going to learn what it means to walk in proper authority. There is a protocol to God’s Kingdom. Dr. Grillo’s will teach you how to unlock the power and why